Jan 15, 2012

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About Us

Our temple was founded by Vietnamese monks and nuns for the benefit of all those wishing to experience Buddhism. Although it was founded by the Vietnamese sangha (under the guidance of Venerable Thich Thong Hai), An Lac bears no borders around any specific race or religion. The Mission was first established in 2001 as a small Buddhist temple in Oxnard, California. Our current facility was purchased in 2003 and provides our sangha with a more spacious shrine room, dining hall, and a separate facility for education and living quarters.

Ven. Thich Thong Hai

Member of the Buddhist Sangha for more than 40 years.
B.A. (Hawaii), M.A.(U.P.),
President, An Lac Mission, CA.
Chan Khong Monastery,
International Buddhist Meditation Association, HI
Vietnamese Project Dana,
Executive Director, Buddhist Relief Fund,

Venerable Thich Thong Hai is an ordained disciple of Zen Master Thich Thanh Tu, President, Dai Dang Monastery of Truc Lam Sect, and Vietnam for more than forty years. After his escape from Vietnam he had to combine both Pure land and Zen Buddhist practices to meet the demands of his community who lost their home country.

Ven. T. Sutadhara

Director, Ventura Buddhist Study Center
Tripitakavedi (Bachelor of Buddhist Textual studies), B.A.(Sri Lanka), M.A.(Hawaii).

Venerable Tapovanaye Sutadhara entered the order of Buddhist Monks as a novice
in 1966, at Tapovanaya Buddhist Monastery, Mulleriyawa-New Town, Sri Lanka, under the tutelage of Late-Venerable Kudawelle Vangeesa Maha Thero, a renowned Meditation Master in Insight Meditation and Venerable Dodampahala Chandrasiri Maha Thero, Patriarch, Sri Kalyanivansa Chapter of Amarapura Sect, Sri Lanka.

He was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics, University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka. During his career as an academic he held following administrative positions:
(1) Head, Department of Linguistics, (2) Coordinator, M.A. Degree Program (by Course work), (3) Head, English Language Teaching Unit, and (4) Senior Student Counselor.

Ven. Chuc Hien

Venerable Chuc Hien is a renowned Dhamma Master in Vietnam. After joining An Lac Mission he leads all the Vietnamese ceremonies and gives Dhamma Talks on Buddhism and teaches meditation in Vietnamese.

Photo by Andie Jael Haugen

Ven. Tue Dang

Venerable Tue Dang entered the order of nuns in 2005 as a pupil of Venerable Master Thich Thong Hai. Before her ordination she was a long time student of late Venerable Zen Master Minh Dang in Georgia, USA. She is a student of the University of The West, CA.

Ven. Tue Duc

Venerable Tue Duc entered the order of Buddhist nuns in 1984 at Bo De Temple, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She became a fully ordained Bhiksuni in 1987. She earned a Diploma in Buddhist Studies in the year 2000 from the Buddhist University, Vietnam. Currently, she leads Vietnamese Buddhist ceremonies and activities at the An Lac Mission.

  1. Sarah Larson says:

    Hi I’m am taking a class called Perspectives and as a final project I chose to interview someone from a different culture and religion than myself. I live right next to your temple and would like to interview someone there if possible. I would just be taking a small amount of your time and just ask a few questions. I would greatly appreciate your time! Looking forward to becoming acquainted with your temple!

    Sarah Larson

  2. Many of you know our beloved Bhante Sutadhara and I am sure that some of you know that his “last” name is Tapovanaye. Last names are listed first in Sri Lanka like many other Asian countries. If I recall correctly Bhante was ordained a monk at the age of eight and at that time he took his Dhamma name Tapovanaye Sutadhara.

    Thapowanaya means “Forest Monastery” and it was the custom of his late teacher and abbot to give all the monks he ordained the name of his monastery. If you would like to find out more about Thapowanaya the website is http://www.thapowanaya.org. (FYI, referring to the third paragraph; Bhante was ordained as part of the second set of student monks.)

    As for the meaning of Sutadhara, ask Bhante, he tells the story better than I.

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