May 22, 2013

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Friday May 31 7:30pm: Vesak Meditation in Garden

May Full Moon is the ‘Vesak Day’ to celebrate the Birth of the Buddha. ( In some Buddhist traditions this is to celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment, and Passing Away ).

An Lac Mission organizes different activities to celebrate the Birthday of the Buddha. Starting from Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 2 we will have different activities;

Friday, May 31st At 7:30pm

Candle light meditation for Vesak in the new peace garden of An Lac Mission. Please join us for sitting and walking meditation sessions, and Chanting of Buddhist Sutra with candle light on Last Friday of May at 7:30pm.

You are invited to enjoy the beauty of the garden which emerged from dirt and dust to a beautiful Peace Garden. Thanks to all who donated their time and money.

Thank you. May the blessings of the Buddha be with you.