5/14/2021 COVID-19 Update

We are currently offering both online and live/in-person classes for Yoga, Meditation, and Thai Chi. Please contact us for status of other classes/events.

Live/In-Person Classes: If you are interested in attending live classes, please fill out our Registration Form. Please note: Attendance is currently limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Online/Zoom Classes: Some classes are available online using Zoom. If you are interested in attending classes online, please email us at info@venturabuddhistcenter.org at least 3 days before the class starts so that we can send you the Zoom meeting link and password.

Audio & Visual

Dharma Talks, Guided Meditation, Zen Lectures, and more!

To play these audio files, click on a file name and wait for your browser to play it (usually using the QuickTime plugin). If you encounter issues playing them directly, right-click on the file name and select “Save target as…” OR “Save link as…” OR a similar option. You will then be prompted to save the files to your computer. We recommend that you use standard media players such as Windows Media Player or iTunes to play these files, or download the best free media player VLC.

Audio from Bhante Rahula’s meditation retreat at Ventura Buddhist Center. The retreat focuses on Vipassana meditation as practiced by Theravada Buddhist masters. Copyright 2011. For private use. Contact us if you would like to use this audio series for broadcast or other non-private use. Thank you to Patrick T. for providing the recording.

Dhamma Talk – Action and Result.mp3

Dhamma Talk – Life After Death.mp3

Dhamma Talk – Mindfulness in Daily Life.mp3

Dhamma Talk – What Is Enlightenment.mp3

Guided Sitting Meditation 30 minutes.mp3

Guided Sitting Meditation with Chanting.mp3

Guided Standing Meditation.mp3

Q and A Session Friday April 29.mp3

Q and A Session Sunday May 1.mp3

Second Day Introductory Talk.mp3

Sharing-Loving-Kindness.mp3 – Venerable Tapovanaye Sutadhara

The Middle Path
      A special Dhamma talk given by Bhante Rahula 12/15/2014